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Looking forward to the 2017 ASPE Conference, Alexandria, VA By Val Fulmer, ASPE President-elect

ASPE Board of Directors President-elect Valerie Fulmer is the Director of the Standardized Patient Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. In preparation for the 2017 ASPE Conference, “Building a Global Network to Expand Ideas and Knowledge,” in Alexandria, VA, Val shared some thoughts about what she is looking forward to at the conference:


With each new year of membership in ASPE, my enthusiasm for this organization grows. I think to myself…

“Are we a perfect organization? No, far from it.”

“Do our board of directors and committee members seek to improve our internal function each year? Yes! They work like dogs!”

“Are we passionate about what we do? Absolutely!”





The conference committee is the perfect example of a dedicated volunteer group that has a big impact by organizing an array of enticing presentations for the annual conference. Each year conference attendees receive an ample helping of quality programming balanced with plenty of networking opportunities.


Many thanks to incoming conference chair Anne Chapin for jumping in with both feet and organizing the team that builds this engaging event. Hats off to past conference chair Cathy Smith for building such a strong foundation, along with so many committee members who have donated their time and energy to make our association grow each year.


In the 2016 Annual Conference Overall Survey, ASPE members gave us feedback about what they loved about the ASPE conference and what could be better. Here are some key findings from the survey:


100 % of conference attendees rated their overall conference experience as good, very good, or excellent. Not one single poor or fair!


Member comments that reflect the most common response themes include:


Sessions were scholarly


Plenty of quality programming to choose from and I came away with many good ideas that I will implement at my own institution


Amazingly kind, generous and passionate group


Great networking. Good content!


Well organized. Friendly and helpful administration。


I wish there was more time to meet and greet. I would like more evening events. Longer breaks would be great


I would like to see more sessions targeted to advanced skills。


I do not like 7:00 am sessions; it is a bit too early when changing time zones


The conference committee listened to this feedback!  The abstract review sub-committee poured over the submitted abstracts to bring the widest possible array of perspectives and ideas to the programming. This year’s conference schedule offers the best of both worlds; providing rich, scholarly programming while also supplying plenty of breaks for moving of bodies, digesting new ideas and connecting in the hallways with folks you would not otherwise meet. Your brains will be pleasantly throbbing at the end of each day and your pockets will be full of business cards as you head out for dinner!


Each year the conference committee invites some experienced presenters and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to offer insight on areas of personal and professional expertise.


So, pack an open mind into your luggage, and get ready to expand your global network, ideas and knowledge at ASPE Alexandria!



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